MTLTD001 ALHEK Metropole EP incl. IXEL Remix

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Metropole Ep is the first vinyl release on “Mechanical Thoughts” signed by label owner ALHEK. The last three years spent in the german capital have shaped ALHEK´s vision of electronic music, both because the music scene and because the thousand faces and environments of this incredible city, taking him to develop a unique sound characterized by tridimensional atmospheres, sharp noises and unclean but strong beats.To complete the EP, we find a remix by IXEL, a dj and producer active and very present in the underground scene of Berlin and entire Europe since almost 20 years. His remix is an extra dry-uncompromise techno tool that shows the talent of the berliner dj.

Release date: 28.05.2015
Mastered by ALHEK

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