Preview of the new digital release by “Guidewire” online

Release date: 09.01.2017 The californian duo “Guidewire”, already known to the followers of Mechanical Thoughts, delivers a 4 tracks EP, essential, analog, raw. The label owner ALHEK completes the EP as usual, with a pounding remix. 1 Guidewire – Fossil 2 Guidewire – Intellect 3 Guidewire – Second guess 4 Guidewire – Tread 5 Guidewire …

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MTLTD 003 Tracklist announced

Tracklist and artwork of the upcoming LTD vinyl release on Mechanical Thoughts. A1 – ALHEK – Erdoel A2 – ALHEK – Zement B1 – ALHEK & Sirio Gry J – Stahl B2 – ALHEK – Kunststoff Artwork by Ixel The audio teaser will follow in a couple of weeks. Share this: Share Facebook <a rel="nofollow" …

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The third LTD release will be out early in 2017

Early in 2017 a new 12″ vinyl release will be available, three powerful techno tracks realised by the label owner ALHEK and a special track, made by ALHEK and Sirio Gry J. Meanwhile the californian duo Guidewire is preparing the next digital release. Share this: Share Facebook <a rel="nofollow" data-shared="sharing-google-437" class="share-google-plus-1 sd-button share-icon" href="http://www use …

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MTR006 Various Artists out now

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