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I am Alessandro Sisti, head at ALHEK mastering. I am specialized  in mix and mastering of electronic music (but not only, I work and I have experience also with pop, electronic pop, rap, rock), in the last 5 years I successfully processed thousand of tracks in my studio in Berlin. The main features of ALHEK mastering sound are powerful and accurate low end, balance between loudness and dynamic, colorful sound and of course, a great result on the big sound systems of the clubs.
I speak three languages,  you can write me in english german or italian, so that we can properly arrange our collaboration.

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Analog mastering 30 euro per Track
Analog mixdown 60 euro per Track
Analog mixdown and mastering 80 euro per Track
Digital mastering 20 euro per Track
Digital mixdown 40 euro per track
Digital mixdown and mastering 50 euro per Track

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